I hope you fall in love with a man with good music taste and a jawline stronger than your wifi connection

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being heartless is more fun than being nice tbh

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"Everyone has a 2 AM and a 2 PM personality."

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I miss you.

But there is absolutely no point on telling you that… So I’m gonna carry on as if that thought never crossed my kind.


If I’m dating you, you don’t need to get jealous of other people. I am with you, only you. If you ever think I’m flirting with other people, I’m not. There’s a reason why I chose you and only you. I only want you, no one else. You are mine. I am yours.

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don’t be embarrassed or too shy to take selfies because when you’re older you’ll be able to look back and remember every time you had cute hair or great eyeliner or just felt good and that’s nothing to be embarrassed about

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I’m writing my essay on cyber-bullying right now

and there was this article that said “anon hate hurts us because when we read it, we don’t hear the attacker’s voice, we hear our own”

and that’s a really good observation.

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